What do we sell

The short answer is that we sell everything you need to do a full supermarket shop. We have all the usual categories of foodstuffs you would expect plus a range of household products like washing powder and dishwasher tablets and personal care items such as shampoo and deodorant.

The long answer is a little more complicated but it’s worth us taking the time to explain.

We have set cornishfoodmarket.co.uk up to offer a viable local alternative to the home delivery services provided by the major supermarkets. The local bit is important because wherever possible we use local suppliers (by local we mean Cornwall and West Devon) and this has a number of huge benefits to both our economy and our environment.

What local means to us

More often than not the Cornish cauliflower you buy at your ‘local’ supermarket has been transported  from a field in Cornwall, straight past your front door, 250 miles up the A30 and M5 to a central distribution centre. There it is forklifted off one lorry, waits for a day or two or three in an expensive temperature controlled environment before being loaded back on to another lorry and dispatched back down the M5 and A30 to Cornwall (and possibly past your door again) to the supermarket a few miles from the field where it was grown. We are not geniuses but it struck us that if the cauliflower cost more than you might expect and the Cornish farmer received less money for it than we might all hope then it might be because of the horrendous cost of all that transportation and cold storage – to say nothing of the even more horrendous environmental cost of all those lorries and fridges.

Our alternative is to pay the farmer more and charge you less because we are not paying for a pointless 500 mile round trip, saving on the cost of diesel and the power required to keep produce cold in fridges slowly deteriorating for days on end.  Besides saving you money, more importantly this means that you receive produce that was literally picked yesterday and which retains much more of its goodness and flavour. The final piece of the jigsaw is the economic benefit to the local economy - something best explained by what economists call ‘leaky bucket theory’ (you can find out more about that here).  

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