Our ethos

Our ethos is to make ‘Buy Fresh, Buy Local’ a convenient and practical reality for both food & drink producers in Cornwall and consumers alike.

The cornishfoodmarket.co.uk mission is to maintain the flow of the ‘virtuous food cycle’ where the value of the customer and the value of the supplier are equal and both parties are treated fairly through a strong, transparent, open and honest relationship.

To the customer we will provide local, quality, fresh food at healthy, competitive prices. We will provide a wide product choice with produce not available through multi-national outlets.To the supplier we will care, listen and reward outstanding produce. We will offer the supplier a route to market and exposure to large audiences often unobtainable through traditional means. Our processes will resonate around ease, convenience and co-operation. Cornishfoodmarket.co.uk will help the consumer and the supplier and, in turn, the local economy. This combined effort will amount to an unbreakable, sustainable virtuous food cycle.

Virtuous Food Circle

The cornishfoodmarket.co.uk ethos is centred on the promotion and delivery of fresh local produce at sustainable prices with the support of quality local producers. We aim to provide access to the retail food market (currently dominated by supermarkets) for producers in Cornwall & Devon. We want to provide an ethical and sustainable business model with local grass roots being at the core of our operation. cornishfoodmarket.co.uk will be driven by a market-leading and efficient website that stands up in comparison to the leading supermarkets, both in terms of functionality and value.

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