Fresh thinking

The version of The Leaky Bucket Theory

Basically, much more of the money you spend with us stays within our community. We use almost 100 local suppliers for a massive range of fresh produce including many of our fruit and vegetables, all of our meat, all of our fish, all of our bakery goods and a large proportion of our dairy produce. Even larder items like coffee, cook-in sauces, rice, sugar, herbs, spices and salt are either produced in Cornwall or come from Cornish wholesalers.

Leaky bucket theory

In addition, when we call a plumber or buy a new PC or even make a substantial investment in a new website, we use a local company - this state of the art website has been a collaboration between three companies, Nixon Design from Hayle, Packetship Technologies from Truro and SNA from Falmouth – again, all of the money stays in Cornwall.

When our plumber goes out to the pub, or the design company entertain clients, they use a Cornish venue that almost always buys fresh produce from our wholesale business.  This keeps the money circulating around the County and stops it escaping through the holes in the ‘leaky bucket’. 

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