At cornishfoodmarket.co.uk we understand the everyday impact on the environment of running a business like ours.

We run our business whilst reducing our carbon footprint and always thinking green before any decision we make. We have put recycling policies in place, such as making our shopping bags recyclable. We will always ask you to return your shopping bags to us and we will then recycle them for you or reuse them where appropriate - they are strong enough to be re-used several times, and at the end of their useful life they are fully recyclable. When we pack your shopping we will always pack it in as few bags as possible. All of the plastic and cardboard that comes through our distribution centre is recycled and even in our offices we have various recycling points; making sure that no paper in our offices is wasted, but recycled.

Buy local think green

Because we think local and choose to provide local food from local producers where possible, we naturally reduce our food mileage. We will always think green-efficient, meaning that we will combine shopping orders to be delivered in as few trips as possible.

RBS WorldPay

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